Gene Keys Guide

Ariyah Sage

Gene Keys and Acuportals Seven Sacred Seals. Retreats.

Ariyah holds a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Taoist lineage. Having practiced for more than 20 years she has developed a sacred relationship with the body’s acupuncture portals.. Each one of these points on your body holds sacred knowledge waiting to be unlocked. As her wisdom deepened she was drawn to explore the study of the gene keys for the last 5 years. The Gene Keys is a template of your soul’s purpose, this template guides you into your karmic shadows, and gifts and activates your dormant DNA to facilitate profound levels of multidimensional healing, harmony and awakening. Ariyah unites these two technologies to expand consciousness and open you up to the potential of your own innate capacity to unlock your genius through the awareness of our infinite potential as divine creators.
Sessions are always held in non-judgement and loving compassionate awareness.