Gene Keys Guide

Awi Heidelmann

CreativeExplorer & GoldenThread Weaver w/ Brand Design

My name is Awi and I am so grateful to be part of our growing Gene Keys fractal and Richard‘s transmissions and initiations into miraculous adventures, we are invited to share and learn from each-other‘s discoveries. Thank you for finding me.

I often call myself a creative explorer of life. I love travelling and experiencing new landscapes, forms, shapes, colors of life in the outside and inside worlds – seen and unseen grace. To adore the beauty and intelligence of nature in its many forms as my source and guide. To honour, trust and surrender to life‘s revealing innate truth, wisdom and benevolence – which so often lies beyond words to describe. Yet it more often reveals to me through synchronicities, walks through nature, encounters with plants, animals, minerals, elementals, creating intuitive drawing, painting, photography, dance and sound. Receiving what is communicated through the eyes, body, between the lines or in the space of silence in intimate sharing with people. All of it makes my being smile with wonder – feeling the essences that reveal themselves from the mystery through my witnessing and honouring life‘s pulse.

I often struggle to capture my own life‘s journey in a few words of a bio that make linear sense to a stranger as an invitation to someone who may be looking for a companion on this path. Paradoxically as it turns out (especially since contemplating the Gene Keys and Human Design over the last years) – this struggle may or may not be part of my calling – as this challenge to find clarity and purpose in the mystery that is life and love, has become part of my life‘s work and vocation – and now I support others in that pursuit.

As a guide I love exploring how the Gene Keys in our profile can help clarify what I call our „creative power place“ – where our puzzle piece(s) fit into the whole – how we can serve the world in a way it nurtures all beings involved with integrity. For many years this had been a deep personal longing of mine and a focus of my path of inquiry to figure out how to synthesise my various creative intuitive talents, life experiences and wisdom into a livelihood that isn‘t draining my life force but energising, fun and purposeful in supporting our evolution.

Well, it took some perspective change, transforming, experimenting and experiencing to get here („line 3 style“) – which I am happy to share more about with anyone interested (this is the „secret sauce part“) But today I am happy to have gradually arrived at a place where I feel nurtured by my own creative life force as an intuitive artist and serving my fellow personal growth experts as a creative brand designer, so they become more fully seen through clarifying their branding and visual communication that creates resonance and connection.

It brings me great joy, supporting others in discovering their own „golden tread“ weaving through wounds, challenges, talents, tools and gifts and then synthesising the revealing essences to create a sustainable livelihood through a personal brand that grows from the inside out with integrity, wisdom, grace and reverence to each other and our magnificent nature.

In exploring the Gene Key‘s Golden Path for myself I have found so much confirmation, inspiration and refinement of how I best serve the whole that becoming a guide and adding Gene Keys profile exploration sessions to my branding services has been a natural addition and a catalysing experience for my clients.

I am excited to connect with anyone that is keen to explore how to use their keys to clarify their vocation and their branding to best serve the whole. Connect with me here or through my website

Additionally I also occasionally lead creative intuitive workshops where we get to reveal our soul‘s wisdom to find answers to our current life‘s challenges and inquiries through channeled drawing. it is a wonderful tool of contemplating the Gene Keys as well. Please reach out if this tickles your interest. You find more information about this on my artist website

I am located in Hamburg, Germany but travel quite often. 
I speak both English and German.
I love the Seven Sacred Seals.


Languages Spoken: Deutsch (German), English

Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Activation Sequence, Pearl Sequence, Seven Sacred Seals, Dream Arc

Interests: Art, Business, Dance, Human DesignNature, Psychology, Sacred Geometry, Women’s Work, Golden Thread, Branding, Design, Photography