Gene Keys Guide

Bige Gursoy

GK Profile sessions, Path to Love, How to Enjoy Life?

I love enjoying life. To enjoy life, being present is vital.

I learned how to be present by feeling love via Gene Keys. Now, I aim to transform people’s lives accordingly, meaning transformation while enjoying life.

I begin with reading profiles in one session. In other sessions, I guide people to transform their lives by giving some practical solutions and meditations to implement their lives. The system is simple yet practical: acceptance, cleaning, and discovery of love.

Honestly, my sessions have had a profound effect because I had lots of experiences in working life and in the path of discovering myself. At this point, my empathetic and compassionate nature merge with my experiences. I understand you via your Gene Keys profile and accept you as who you are.

Also, I am from Istanbul, Turkey, and Gene Keys is a brand-new system in Turkey. I have many contents and workshops to introduce Gene Keys. If you know Turkish and want a translation, you can find me via Instagram and the contact form on my website.