Gene Keys Guide

I observe that I am a bridge between people who have and operate from a belief system that has been programmed by the society in which they grew up. They have realized that they feel limited in their personal expression in a life dictated by the world around them and they have become seekers of a new way of being.

People that have begun their spiritual journey.

The journey to expressing the energy that lives inside of them.

I empower these people to look at and confront their programmed beliefs, I offer expanded points of view for consideration .

I demystify many concepts that normally stop people from understanding their spiritual experiences.

I give people a map to themselves where they can find the answers to these concepts in their own language.

I help them reprogram the belief system to be more supportive to their personal expression and purpose in the world.

I help them reintegrate back into the world around, with the new awareness. I model and provide tools for how to relate with people in an entirely new way.

I connect the dots and show you what love sees and help train your eyes to see it took

I empower you to remember your greatness and access everything you need to stabilize that remembering.

I bridge worlds; of those who do not yet know the true nature of their energetic form and people who have already awoken to it.

I help create inner stability after awakening.

I introduce you to a door … I will show you the door, tell you what’s on the other side and what you can expect when you cross the threshold.

I will help you sift through what parts of yourselves get to come through to the other side and which ones you get to leave behind.

I show you how you are designed to access and stabilize your inner truth and provide you a practice space to get a good grasp on your own sovereignty.