Gene Keys Guide

Brenda Lee Mattausch

GK, Private mentoring, Pattern & Reflection techniques

My name is Brenda Lee, and I am so grateful that you are here, as I am doing what I love which is guiding people back to their Divine Inner Truth. Gene Keys is a beautiful and wise language that gave me an incredible heart opening six years ago that completely changed the way in which I view myself and how I now move through life.

I understood at a young age that I was good at guiding people and that they were receptive and always coming to me for advice, sharing their problems, and secrets and I realized that advising them from truth came natural to me. I do have a deep desire to assist others and I now know that I have been placed on this earth as a way-shower to empower others to realize and live their unique higher purpose and unlock their fullest potential.

As a Transformational Coach, and Certified Gene Keys Guide, It is my honor to assist you in expanding your awareness by sharing the incredible wisdom within your Gene Keys Chart, to offer you more clarity in showing up and existing as the “Uniquely Designed Being” that you are, and the Role in which you are here to experience all of life through.

When we understand ourselves at a deeper level, then we truly know who we are and why we are here at this time. That allows us to follow our hearts on our natural journey that is preplanned in order to help us evolve as we lead on and contribute to a greater evolution.

There are no open doors behind you…