Gene Keys Guide

Carolin Kamenz

Workshops & Sessions, Gene Keys auf Deutsch Community

Good to meet you! My journey as a Gene Keys Guide started right after the program was launched. From my first day on as a Guide I felt the deep wish to spread this incredible teaching and the wisdom behind.

I started to support people in 1:1 profile sessions, explaining how to get into the Gene Keys. And I created workshops and programs to guide people on their individual journey. For me it was and is important to honour the source and give people the possibilty to use the original material and additionally deepen with my support in German.

So if you are German, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I know, it can be much easier to contemplate in your native language.

I also created the first big German speaking communities on Social Media. You’ll find a wonderful group called Gene Keys auf Deutsch on Facebook. We also have an Instagram channel, where I talk to German speaking Gene Keys lovers about true stories related to the Gene Keys.

My focus is to link the Gene Keys wisdom to business aspects. I am a professional branding strategy expert. My vision is to help people creating strong brands including their Gene Keys essentials. I developed the Key Brand Formula, that helps you to find your brand positioning as a personal brand in an easy way.

Another goal is to grow the interest in working with the Seven Sacred Seals in German. I offer a beautiful program to discover the Seals in a deep and conscious ways, travelling with a group of beautiful people, coming together in a sacred space.

If you should be a spiritual Entrepreneur or just have an interest in learning more about the Gene Keys or the Seven Sacred Seals with an experienced guide at your side, I am so much looking forward to learn more about you and your dreams.

With lots of love from the Algarve,