Gene Keys Guide

Chad Welch

GK Profile sessions, immersions, business coaching

Chad Welch is a DNA Activation Specialist, Quantum Results Coach, and Energy Shaman. Originally hailing from Atlanta, Ga, he now splits his time between his home in South Florida, and extended family in North Georgia. Chad specializes in supporting Conscious Entrepreneurs and Spiritual Business Owners in developing, accessing, and monetizing their true soul’s purpose and potential by introducing them to their highest essence – the living energy codes in their DNA blueprint.

Chad is known for facilitating and guiding quantum shifts and results for his clients and can literally “collapse time” by going right to the source of blocks, limitations, and patterns, and not only that, but he also helps them to access the vast stores of power and wisdom hidden in their DNA. Once this blueprint is fully activated, miraculous results and expanded states of happiness and fulfillment, as well as drastically improved physical and mental performance are brought about.

Chad has extensive training in alternative therapies and healing modalities that he utilizes in his client sessions and immersions. Chad has progressed from his early days as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Professional Certified Life Coach, and now highlights his training as an Advanced Theta Healer, and his specialty utilizing the Human Design System as well as the Gene Keys Hologenetic profiling system. Using these tools, he is able to guide his clients to a deep inner standing of their divine gifts, talents, and zones of genius, as well as their ideal business structure, partnerships and even money language and much more.

Chad focuses on offering high level support through intimate 1 to 1 sessions and immersions, as well as supporting many of his clients through his signature Quantum Soul Voyage program, which is specifically designed for spiritual entrepreneurs and healers, as well as his celebrated ECHELON Business Mentorship Accelerator Program in partnership with his Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable community.