Gene Keys Guide

Chris Abbey

Within a container of love, exploring the depths

A personal and team coach for 20+ years, about 5 years ago I became deeply steeped in the area of wounding and trauma, these shadows we pick up through life that reside in the subconscious and often are created in the first 21 years of life. With the onset of COVID, I went deeply into the Gene Keys and my own deep spiritual journey. The Gene Keys is a great platform for individual transformational change, and I have found people often need a little help bringing our subconscious reaction patterns into the conscious realm where we can work with them, decide if and how they might benefit us, and transform them into more productive responses if needed.

My work hinges on building a safe loving environment within which a person can freely explore these shadow areas within. I intuitively guide using various methods including but not limited to IFS, inner child work, somatic awareness, Gene Keys, guided meditations, Chakra activations, and group journeys as a way to gently access these wounded areas.

As a life coach, the mainstay of my practice is helping people remove the blocks that are getting in the way of their relationships and spiritual path.