Gene Keys Guide

Christine Kiliam

Individual sessions, inner development, Master Coach

Since I have worked all my adult life in and with the business world, I feel at home there. The combination of my passion for inner development, coaching and my experience from the business world shape my offer.

The contemplative path of the Gene Keys resonates with me deeply. I live a contemplative life, very different from what I once did.

Inner development has fascinated me for a long time. As a teenager, I started to feel heavy inside, and found life challenging. At the age of 28, I began seeking professional help, and have since devoted myself to my own inner work. This has led to many trainings, processes and certificates in the field. I am also educated in Business Administration & Marketing as well as Strategic Internal Communication.

I have been employed in the business for 20 years working in many different roles and areas. In 2007 I started my own business in a desire to change my lifestyle, and introduce what I call Empathic Leadership. Since then I have worked as a coach and now I am a Master Certified Coach, MCC, certified through the International Coaching Federation, ICF. Until the pandemic, I offered services in team development, strategic planning and individual inner development. When the pandemic hit, I decided to just focus on the individual inner development and let go of the other.

To even more focus on human development, I started 2015 in The Diamond Approach which is a modern spiritual path. The Diamond Approach provides a unique understanding of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern psychology to bring out individuals’ true potential, leading to human maturity and liberation. Within Diamond Approach, I have also started a 10-year teacher training.

Through The Diamond Approach I got in contact with the Enneagram, that I am studying, and also using in my coaching programs. The Enneagram is a great way to help my clients identify what their gifts and workons are to become more whole. My experience in Human Design as well as being a Gene Keys Guide is also an integrated part in this process.

Most of my clients come from the business world. Many are C-level executives who are curious about themselves and want to work on their inner development to come more home to themselves, and in that process Empathic Leadership develops naturally.

I am Swedish, I work and coach in both Swedish and English.

I serve my clients in their inner development and Empathic Leadership. I bring:

– 35 years of business and leadership experience
– 30 years of own inner development as well as education in the field
– 15 years of executive coaching, now at master’s level

Christine Kiliam