Gene Keys Guide

Daisy De Boevere

Gene Keys & Human Design integration & embodiment

When Human Design found me in the Summer of 2019, it wasn’t long before I would also travel with the Gene Keys. In the Spring of 2021, I fully immersed myself in the Golden Path and became a Gene Keys guide. In the years following, I dove deep into the Gene Keys through several deep-dive groups, retreats, and personal contemplation.
In 2023, I graduated as a certified Living Your Design guide (Human Design), and as of 2024, I’m training to become a professional Human Design analyst.

I’m resided in Belgium and provide 1:1 and small-group sessions in English and in Dutch (my native language), diving deep into the wondrous realm of your Gene Keys hologenetic profile, whether or not combined with understanding your Human Design mechanics.

I have a passion for integration and embodiment of both systems, working as a trauma-informed and certified life coach, helping you to unlock and implement your own innate wisdom in your mundane, everyday life.

As a Reiki therapist, voice liberator, and singing therapist, I can help you move through whatever is in the way of fully unlocking your potential in a unique, creative way, building core stability, and living your unique purpose.

Welcome to your exploration and healing journey with me as a gentle, patient, reflective, and contemplative guide, walking alongside you on your path for as long as feels fit, sharing a unique journey together.


Languages Spoken: Nederlands (Dutch), English

Gene Keys Courses: Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence

Interests: Business, Coach, Human Design, Music, Psychology, Somatic Awareness, Writing, Trauma Informed Life Coach