Gene Keys Guide

Desislava Todorova

GK & Wu Ji Gong sessions-searching for harmony within

I found Gene Keys in 2018 after searching the internet for “mission in life”. I was so happy that I had the opportunity to learn and explore more about myself. Special thanks to Gene Keys Bulgaria, to the girls who brought Gene Keys in Bulgaria, for their support in every step of my path. Very soon I realized the potential to recognize and know more about the archetypes, the patterns in my life, and that everything is exactly as it should be. Everything that crosses our path is there to help us grow.

I’m a passionate fan of Gene Keys because every time I touch the synthesis, I find a part of myself again and again. Feeling the benefits inspires me to share them with others. Supporting them with the Gene Keys, seeing their new level of awareness and breakthroughs trigger and support mine. This is the great magic of being together.