Gene Keys Guide

Diya Welland

Certified HD Analyst, Embodied Design, Codons & GKs

Born and raised in the Bahai Faith, contemplation along with meditation was a large part of my life. What hooked me completely into the transmissions of Richard Rudd was that he too held these simple, yet profound tools for transformation in high regard. Through his dedication to contemplative practice and spectrum of consciousness that resonated deep within me, my life path was taken to a whole new level.

Clients often share with me how coming into presence with their Human Design bodygraph and Hologenetic Profile brings them home to themselves in ways unexpected as they contemplate consciousness and form together. As an analyst, coach & guide, I serve to make the complex simple to shift perspective of life’s challenges, support conscious development and the unfolding of ones uniqueness. Within me is a fundamental drive to stand up for what is right, particularly for human rights, thus seeding practical provisions needed in revolutionary times.

As many of us have found, shadow-work is confronting. When we see our shadows, we see how they play out in our life & relationships creating ever widening circles of distortion, confusion, misinterpretation, projections, assumptions and dysfunction. Yet it’s these perceptual doors opening which enable us to differentiate our highest potential from the conditioning we’ve received, embody our true-self and gifts while maintaining relationships.

What is it to approach conditioning with awareness? What is it to transform a trigger through understanding the homogenization and electromagnetics in relationships or groups? How do we transform places of active discomfort into conscious relationship awareness?

Differentiation is a revolutionary thing. The world today challenges our resoluteness to transcend our conditioning, and to discover and live our uniqueness. In order to evolve our individuality, we need to understand our homogonisation & develop empathic sensitivity through awareness of our differences while maintaining authentic and transparent connection.

The goal of my work is for you to ‘experience’ the knowledge of your unique imprinting in many layers and levels, that you may live your design and set yourself strongly on your differentiation path for divine expression. Truly we are each here to be the prime architect of our own evolution, and here at our fingertips we have the map.

Through presence, conversational embodiment practice and contemplation, together we disentangle what is you and what is your conditioning or environment, be that an actual environment or the players & actors on life’s stage with you.

My lifelong inquiry surrounds how we connect in relationship, embody our light, shape our reality and what drives us to make the choices we do. Individuality, the strength of my uniqueness, has developed through this convoluted life of serving humanity as a massage & craniosacral therapist, shamanic journeyer, neurological bodyworker, NLP Master-Practitioner, yoga teacher & even wedding photographer.

I have been working with the Gene Keys since 2015, and Human Design since 2005. My Human Design IHDS certifications include Certified Analyst, Living Your Design Guide, Rave Sociologist, Family Practice & Child Development.

I believe we are but a conduit for light to be embodied and here to raise the frequency of the universe through being engaged in relationships and transforming that which has been oppressed into its highest expression to support this coming great change on the planet. How we do this is unique for each us. The path I guide, is to look deep within and be in presence to old patterns of behaviour and beliefs ripe for transformation. Our genetic imprint is not fixed, for we are here to evolve and through evolving, we raise our own frequency which emanates outwards in new ways of collaboration within our relationships, families, groups and communities.

Through a life dedicated to the rebirth of humanity, I offer coaching sessions for personal / couple transformation and enhancing family penta & group dynamics, I guide Gene Keys Delta Journey & The Golden Path, as well as provide bodygraph analysis.

I wish everyone depth of self-love and acceptance through openhearted participation in life, love & all relationships.

If what I share speaks to you and you wish to connect with me, I can be reached through: for a 30min no-charge consult to see where our connecting leads us.