Gene Keys Guide

Dominik Porsche

Compassionate Guide, GK Devotion, Harmony & Presence

Hi brothers and sisters,

I am Dominik, dad, student, teacher, Gene Keys Guide, and a devoted compassionate consciousness explorer. Currently, I focus on the German audience; however, a vast amount of Gene Keys content for the English audience is also available. (see below)

In the last few years, I published over 70 articles (ENG + GER) on my blog Beyonduality. Many of those articles are for the Gene Keys, instructions, written light language, my personal and mystical contemplations, and much more.

Furthermore, you can contemplate around thirty of my Gene Key book-reading sessions on YouTube and much more.

A little bit about me: My current incarnation has been a blast so far; however, I can feel empty, lonely, and almost „depressed“occasionally. I am an enjoyer of exquisiteness and ecstatic states of love. So, the highs and lows are natural for me and my journey.

If there would be a quote describing my life’s work, it would be probably this one.

“I inspire people through compassion, presence, and devotion to playfully liberate their dark side, embodying the hidden creative gifts within.”

I look forward to connecting with you.