Gene Keys Guide

Eileen Sheehan

Gene Keys Online Activation Seq & Intuitive Healer

A promise made in 2012 after a hiking trip to Nepal changed the trajectory of my life. At the deep core of my being, I knew there was a ‘light’, a light of love. I struggled to feel that love for myself, the same love I felt for others.

It was waiting for me to claim! How I expressed, how I spoke about myself. The words I used to speak about myself. When I unlocked the key the more I spoke about myself. Quietening the self-critic.

As an intuitive Reiki energy healer I live by the Celtic Wheel of the Year. The Gene Keys opened up my world to the language of shadow, wounds, gentleness, patience. It’s been a true gift.

I offer online & in person Guided Journey through the Activation Sequence.

My wish is to put an end to judgements, opinions and the shame of the wound.