Gene Keys Guide

Emily Rakhit

GK/HD/Astro Profile Sessions, Somatic Coaching, Tantra

I help you integrate your shadows, so you can create a life from your souls purpose instead of your unhealed pain…

My mission is to unlock embodied transformation in alignment with your highest potential in Love, Intimacy, Relationships, Prosperity and Purpose. I use your unique Human Design, Astrology & Gene Keys profiles as the map into the blueprint of your soul. My unique coaching methodology includes ancient mystical tantric practices combined with modern somatic tools.

My somatic coaching is like energetic surgery, I use a proven 7-step Tantric and Nervous System approach to overcome any barriers (conscious & unconscious) in the way of getting what you desire. It goes much deeper than other processes and helps you transform from the root. It is also unique in that we’ll work to rewire, attune and align your body, mind, emotions and spirit to magnetize your highest desires. The core of my work is in facilitating a space of deep self-inquiry and attuning you to the wisdom of your own inner guidance – so you can authentically live what is True for you.

I started my Gene Keys journey in 2013 after falling in love and studying Human Design. The Gene Keys spoke to me in a way where I could viscerally feel my whole body unlocking and activating… my entire being was drawn to it – like a sponge I’ve been soaking up every ounce of the Gene Keys material available from meditations, to courses, to youtube videos and beyond. I can honestly say, my entire lens of perception is based on the 64 Gene Keys – I see and feel everything through the Gene Keys! I have been holding profile sessions professionally since 2020 with such deep love for acting as a mirror to unlock the wisdom within my clients.

Beyond that, I am a painter, DJ, dancer, yogi, tantrika, hardcore science/quantum nerd, cosmologist, holistic health enthusiast, philosopher, mystic, oracle, psychonaut, nature freak, spiritual gangsta & wild witch…

I am basically passion and inspiration wrapped up in skin.