Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Erika Boltvinik

GK & HD sessions, Alchemical Renewal, Heart Pilgrimage

As an ongoing explorer and adventurous spirit, I journey with firm intentions, as an inner arrow, that when in alignment with Divine Spirit can manifest in the most precise ways, causing my heart to expand in bliss and wonder of the magic! (Life’s Work 40.3)
Having experienced different forms of community and the great potential of co-creating, I find myself now exploring within the online Gene Keys Community, as an ambassador and guide, finding the common ground and language of contemplation and inquiry, with highly attuned values, and a space for the authentic voice. (Challenge 37.3)
My Radiance is Diversity (16.5), here I find deep joy and satisfaction in sharing different skills through alchemical processes with others, that may lead to new possibilities of awareness and healthier relationships.

Individual readings:
I find deep gratification in sharing readings that weave the languages of Gene Keys and Human Design. Feeling the mutual growth as we journey together in our conversation and inquiry towards truth. Revealing potential challenges and innate gifts that may release conditioning and blockages that prevent full authenticity and potential. We may experience a release in self-judgement and self- limitation, giving space for expanding compassion, acceptance, and understanding for ourselves and all our relations. (Pearl and Culture: 63.3 and 63.5; I.Q 4.3)
Group sessions:
Exploring our shadows, gifts and divine potential through group interaction, inquiry, witnessing and incorporating other modalities such as authentic movement.
Water Sessions (Janzu Therapy), Body Healing Work with obsidians, Sweat-lodges, Women Circles, requested ceremonies, medicinal plants for my Body Healing Products ‘KA’, including personalized perfumes, Authentic Movement; thriving in opportunities to innovate (SQ 3.5).

What grounds me is the determination to live life fully, living out my dreams and celebrating the everyday rituals, both alone and in communion with others, finding deep enrichment through intimate conversations and explorations in the spirit of the heart and truth! (Purpose 9.5)