Gene Keys Guide

Farah Samanani

GK Coaching Sessions, Group Facilitation of Retreats

Farah is a transformation guide and facilitator who unlocks the purpose and potential of individuals and groups and moves them towards prosperity and alignment with their unique human design. She helps to co-create and integrate a felt sense of trust in life’s curriculum and leverages the intelligence of energetics and emotions when working with complexity, change and the uncertainty of the unknown. She values radical honesty, integrity, playfulness and embodiment in her coaching style. She is a professionally certified coach and is inspired by powerful frameworks to help alchemize transformation – these include the Gene Keys, the Enneagram, Design Your Life, Human Design and Reiki. The intention is to provide practical tools to help achieve state shifts on the cognitive, emotional and physical dimensions. Farah believes in creating a new paradigm where emotional intelligence, creativity, and spirituality are equal to the current culture of rational thought, consumerism, conformity and science.

Farah is also an entrepreneur and in the past 10 years has established two companies in Africa that support Board Advisory, Executive Search and Leadership Consulting. In 2015, she founded Boyden’s East African office and is an active part of the firm’s Social Impact and Education Sector. She is passionate about Global Development and has a particular interest in the role that diversity plays to support impact in emerging markets. She serves clients at Board, CEO, and senior executive levels and has worked extensively with global organizations, nonprofits, development agencies and international private equity clients. Prior to Boyden, in 2013, Farah founded a niche executive search firm called Kenyans Come Home, which is focused on repatriation of diaspora to the African continent, and she worked as a management consultant in the US, based in Boston.

• MBA from the Yale School of Management (US)
• Bachelor’s degree in economics from McGill University (Canada)