Gene Keys Guide

Gail Holwell

Intuitive Guide, Cosmic Alchemist, Artist & more

About me: In my play I study color/spectrum and light, this includes if course the shadow, gift, siddhi visible in all forms each and every day. Fun in all that I do. I am an Artist, both Intuitive and Fine arts currently working in mostly oil paint but too include many other mediums, my work is always expanding. Music is another love if mine, and puzzles and games.

As a Guide: My focus is primarily the Golden Path and the Seven Sacred Seals. I have hosted during the Venus Deep Dives. You can find me involved with anything Gene Keys…..I can really discuss any aspect of the Gene Keys – I simply named my favorites.
If you would like to have a conversation about your Gene Keys experience or have a question I am always close by.

I have a background in Information Technology and Business Analyst work. I have two grown children and have resided in Calgary Canada for over 20 years with my husband.

Being a Gene Keys Guide is something which came to me as a natural occurrence. During my personal walking the Golden Path the transmission has done it work, My family were pointing out the changes to me without even knowing about my endeavor. So honoring the transmission in becoming a guide was the next logical step in my Gene Keys Adventure. Self Inquiry is my forte, I can coach or converse or question or enjoy silent alchemy. Its all welcome. I’m open to whatever one wishes to explore and to help others find the tuning which Gene Keys speaks to them…