Gene Keys Guide

Hayley Curtis

Women's Transformational Guide

Upon hitting a severe health crisis in her early 20’s, Hayley came to the realisation that she had no idea who she was which sent her on the most magnificent journey of healing, self-discovery and inner-awakening which eventually brought her to the Gene Keys.

Hayley merges her deep love and devotion to the Gene Keys with her background in education and women’s empowerment to create potent spaces and experiences for women’s transformation and awakening.

Her mission in life is to guide women back home to themselves where they remember the magic of who they truly came here to be. Hayley serves who community through her membership called The Journey Home as well as her Podcast (TJH) and multiple Gene Keys experiences including one-to-one sessions, personalised Activation and Venus journeys as well as group Golden path immersions.

Hayley LOVES to connect with people from all walks of life and holds not only deeply nourishing and transformational spaces, but also brings humour and light-heartedness to everything that she does! If we’re going to be deeply transforming our lives, we may as well have fun while we’re doing it right!?