Gene Keys Guide

Howard Hunt

Life stage transitions for professionals and creatives

5/2 fixer, finisher, initiator, venerator ~ Ecstatic on the roof.

As a busy professional operating in a left-brain world, people come to me for transmissions that weave deeply logical thought patterns that shock them out of their current worldview. Often they are transitioning a life stage, struggling with disillusionment, or seeking a deeper understanding of life.

My gifts flow through revealing our universal systems and nature’s processes in very practical terms that highly materially grounded people from engineers to business minds can grasp.

My signature offerings are private tea ceremony readings that merge the left brain architectures of human design with the contemplative approach of the Gene Keys.

You will find me hosting the Gene Keys on Clubhouse with Tanmayo and friends or popping up in retreats and events.

Come share the stage or message me directly if i can be of service.