Gene Keys Guide

Inna Method

Exploring GK through movement, music and art.

Introducing myself as Inna is not a matter of taste. It’s a spell. It’s a way to encourage me to be present and remember my commitment to service. It’s a way to help me remember my own process, my difficulties and my shadows. Yes, me too. I have them too, I get caught up in them, I hold on to them whenever I feel in danger and afraid. It started a long, long time ago, when instinct was at my service. They are marks or milestones, which mark points and, if they are marked, it is because we have to revisit them throughout our lives. These are those exercises that we left undone…because we didn’t know how to do them yet. Later, knowing, we go back to fill in the blanks, and I often hear: “Why I didn’t see this at the time?” But life always gives us the opportunity to improve, to revisit, to bring new solutions even to problems we had already solved.

I am a gene keys guide, but I will be an eternal student. I am also the creator of Inner Nature Awakening Method, and INNA is the proposal to facilitate companionship in solving problems in this exercise book that is life. And I am so eternally grateful to be able to serve and learn so much while serving. INNA are us, we who propose to cross the path, from darkness to light, guided by a humble and honest lamp that is also learning to shine and illuminate.