Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Jacqueline Sa

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A multi-lingual Chinese-American, Jacqueline (沙曼虹) is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), English and French. She grew up in a home environment that appreciates Nature through the cosmological musings of the Dao (Tao) and the YiJing (I-Ching), and in a family that applies the profound wisdom of Chinese medicinal healing arts.

Jacqueline has had careers in both the United States and Asia – from global high-tech conglomerates to creating her own entrepreneurial ventures, including a nationally-acclaimed holistic healing center in California, USA. She shares her gifts as a diplomatic and compassionate communicator to bridging her visionary integration of East-West eco-spiritual wisdoms and cultures.

Jacqueline currently devotes her work in advocating co-creative activities in China, synthesizing and embracing conjoined East-West wisdoms with a united underpinning consciousness of ‘One Shared Humanity’. She weaves the Gene Keys transmissions with her unique approach in connecting the tenets of psycho-spiritual pathways to the sacredness of Earth’s sentience. Jacqueline has been a time-honored counselor for Damanhur – the eco-spiritual community in Italy – in relation to their meaningful undertakings in California and in China.

A dedicated practitioner and contemplator of the Gene Keys teachings since 2009, Jacqueline patiently guides her network of enthusiasts in the study and appreciation of the Gene Keys teachings. She is the editor and co-publisher in Chinese of Richard Rudd’s book: The Art of Contemplation 冥思的艺术 (available in China and Asia). She has served on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Gene Keys Society up to 2018; and she continues to be a devoted counselor for Gene Keys’ endeavors in China and in Chinese-speaking countries.