Gene Keys Guide

Jana Ritter

Life lover, GK Profile sessions & Human Design Training

Jana Ritter is a lover of life and a traveler. As a projector and with a line 1 in her life’s work and evolution, she loves to get to know herself deeper and deeper and to explore the human consciousness deeply.

The Gene Keys came into Jana’s life in January 2021 and have not let her go since then. She feels the deep connection to these wisdoms and feels honored to bring them out into the world with her unique genius in her individual way. In 1:1 sessions and workshops, Jana accompanies other people on their path into the depths of their consciousness.

Together with 5 other people, she founded the Human Design Institute to bring Human Design into the business world. They feel the clear call to change the business world by each individual starting to live his or her original and thereby changing team dynamics and entire corporate structures. These changes and beautiful dynamics are strongly felt in their own organizations as each of them lives more and more according to his / her own Human Design. It starts in each and every one of us.