Gene Keys Guide

Janani Herbst

GK profile sessions, issues on a path of transformation

  • Since 1984 on a path of transformation and consciousness, with the guidance of Osho, Sogyal Rinpoche – Rigpa Tibetan Buddhism.
  • Trained in Tibetan Pulsing bodywork and eyereading, astrology.
  • 1983 educated in working with children and teenagers.
  • Since 2012 main work leading a daycare center with children age 0-3 for the community of Munich 

Contemplating the golden path and the genekeys is bringing synthesis of meditation, my work in society, my marriage, being by myself, being with friends and my buddhist fellow travellers. It is my personal mind training helping me to embrace all in life, the negative and the positive. It is bringing me so much joy and inspiration. This, I am sharing in everyday life and as a Gene Keys Guide, supported with my longtime journey & experience on a path.


Languages Spoken: Deutsch (German)

Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence, Seven Sacred Seals, Dare to be Divine

Interests: Astrology, Birth – Death – Rebirth, Dance, Meditation, Nature, Psychology, Tarot, Women’s Work, Tibetan Pulsing bodywork & eyereading, Osho active meditations