Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Jasmin Schoch

Ambassador, Contemplation Facilitator, Profile Sessions

Jasmin Schoch is a dedicated Gene Keys Ambassador and Guide and loves to support others, especially women, in listening to and strengthening their own inner guidance and to follow their own unique purpose.

She initiated and co-created the Gene Keys German Hub with its growing community and making the Gene Keys teachings more known in her mother language and country.

From working in different fields and companies i.e. in the corporate world as well as in non-profit (and political) organizations, she gained different perspectives and experiences. She is utilizing her versatility and wisdom to inspire and share with others her passion of feminine leadership in order to understand and claim the unique inherent gifts we all have, whether in relationships or on our career path.

Her vision is a world where everyone feels safe and free to be themselves, where each individual has their place in the greater whole and where the sacredness of all life and love is honored again.

Jasmin lives in Bremen, Germany and loves and enjoys stories, time spent with her besties, the creative flow of laughter and tears, journaling and prayers and creating space to playfully allow innovative solutions to emerge.

She is offering one-on-one readings and coaching sessions.