Gene Keys Guide

Jesse Chesnutt

iChing, Sacred Geometry, Myth & Magic

Jesse Chesnutt is a modern mystic, exploring hidden connections between many fields of perception and study. Jesse is the Gene Keys Guides Programme Manager and works on the Pulse team for Gene Keys Ltd. He creates content for the Gene Keys Pulse Newsletter and social media channels, and acts as liaison to the Guides community. He hosts three rooms for Gene Keys on Clubhouse, Gene Keys & Parenting, the Weekly Pulse, and Meet the Guides. He also hosts bi-weekly contemplations on Gene Keys & Myth in The Council Fire on Clubhouse. 

Jesse’s expression and understanding of the Gene Keys has grown out of 24 years of study of the iChing, transpersonal psychology, and sacred geometry. Innovating new connections and ways of understanding from ancient and timeless wisdom is part of his joy and genius. 

Jesse has written and recorded transmissions on all 64 keys in great depth, weaving the wisdom of the ancient iChing, the genome, the calendar and the Gene Keys transmission. Explore these contemplations at

Find links to replays of all his clubhouse recordings here