Gene Keys Guide

Jessica Warren

Parent, Polymath, and Contemplator

Hi, my name is Jessica. I’m a mother, wife, and healing advocate. I live in small-town Corydon Indiana and own/run a healing boutique called Realm. It is here where I share my magic with my local community. I also have online offerings, serving clients worldwide.

In my spiritual practice I use many forms of energy healing, some learned in this realm and some natural-born gifts. My certifications include Reiki (I, II, & master), Vortex Healing®, Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), Gene Keys Guide, Iridology, and RYT 200 (yoga).

It is my belief that we are all teachers. Sharing our journeys with each other is a passage of healing. The GeneKeys have been a huge part of my personal healing journey. I am honored that you are here.