Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Joanne Ellis

GK's Profiling, Gentle Trauma Release Guide, Ambassador

Hi, I am Joanne Ellis; a qualified Psychosynthesis Facilitator (30 years’ experience in Transpersonal Therapy), formally an Accountant, Business Analyst, an active Astrologer and an ever expanding Gene Keys Ambassador and Guide with 9 years immersion in the transmission.
I have a diverse background in the personal and spiritual development fields, running programs from past life regression to emotional release work, healing the sacred feminine to silent retreats exploring vipassana meditation, breath work, weekly Wellness Intention Circles to Imaginal Journeys co-creating with the Divine and much more in between.
I have GK 22 as my Purpose in my profile, moving from Dishonour to Grace, and as Richard Rudd states, Grace is found within our Suffering. I have travelled through many deeply traumatic experiences throughout my life. I am grateful to have explored many healing modalities that have helped me to transmute my suffering into grace.
As a result of journeying into and transmuting emotional wounding, I have developed a simple, gentle yet profound means to transmute locked energy held within your emotional wounds, along with any defence strategies created as an attempt to keep more grief at bay, called ‘Gentle Trauma Release’™ (GTR).
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