Gene Keys Guide

Jonathan Heintze

Embodying and Embracing our Humanity with the Gene Keys

Being embodied here on this beautiful planet at this time is something for all of us. Challenging, most of us would call it, myself included. Often, one can think one is alone in all this.

Sharing our humanity and embracing all that comes up is something that often gets left out in these times. From what I have gathered so far, it is not about pressing on, also not about rapid change and experience, but about a slow and gradual process of increasingly releasing and allowing what is there. This is what Ancient Arts such as Taijiquan, Nei Gong, and Nei Dan can teach us, while the Art of Contemplation and the Gene Keys can bring a synthesis to this in our modern times.

Trusting in yourself. Trusting in your own ability to stand. That is what we are here to learn. To become fully individuated with all that comes with it.

Talking and sharing stories about our journey, using the Gene Keys as a map for one’s own potential, one’s own purpose in this lifetime. One’s own tuning.

Come and write me; we could meet up locally here in Germany or over a video session to inspire one another and hold one another, or just to meet one another and share.

Thank you to the beautiful Gene Keys Team and to the living Community,


Languages Spoken: Español (Spanish)

Gene Keys Courses: Art of Contemplation, Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, Pearl Sequence, Seven Sacred Seals, Dare to be Divine, Epiphany Experience, Dream Arc

Interests: Human Design, I Ching, Meditation, Music, Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, Taiji, Nei Gong and Baguazhang, Chinese Medicine, Western Philosophies