Gene Keys Guide

I have a degree in physical sciences, master in business administration, Reiki Master, Archetype Healing Master, Kokoro Ray Master, NLP Master, Rave Cosmologist and multiple disciplines associated with Human Design, I have investigated for years in philosophies, religions, sciences and many more things, but essentially I am an integral being, in the Wilber way, receptive. I have reached the simplicity of being a Guide to the Gene Keys.

As a child I read the stars and spoke every night with an energy Yin had a small image of a Virgin of Lourdes with light and music, to escape the abuse she received. In 2009 in Lourdes I received an energetic channeling to help people somehow get out of the shadow of key 37, my pearl. Since 2000 I have been in the world of Human Design and since 2012 I have followed my Golden Path that I express with prosperity and harmony according to my gifts with an open heart. My Vocation, which defines my key 19, makes me sensitive to the needs of others in a multidimensional way and I help them revolutionize their being for their rebirth my key 49 in culture, I do it with exquisiteness and passion, my brand of the key 8. My SQ is 55, a path of liberation from the biographical drama of my child… Real path of life.