Gene Keys Guide

José (Yo-Say) Gaakeer

Artist of Life - Love is always the answer


I feel love for everything that lives and then in a way that I like there to be movement in the form of love. Love yourself so that you can move others to do the same. In this way we can make the world a better place.

In daily life I love a good conversation with a smile and a tear, honest, pure, added with a good dose of love.

The quote that came to me a few months ago when I finished the Guides Program is:
I know it for me
you know it for you
if you don’t know it for now
I’ll be there to guide you

For me guiding, coaching and training is my life and this in the area of spirituality, philosophy, psychology, astrology.
My specialization is in the field of domestic violence, psychiatry, mediumship.
The interweaving of the regular (psychological/mental) care with the spiritual.

I always converse with respect for both you and me and will never tell you what to do, and vice versa, I wouldn’t want you to tell me what to do. Planting seeds, bringing out your own strength, that’s what it’s all about. For me.

Would love to connect!

José (Yo-Say)