Gene Keys Guide

I have been an avid student of the Gene Keys since 2016. I chose to become a Gene Keys Guide because I whole-heartedly believe in this system as a tool for self-transformation and healing. It has helped me learn how to work with my shadow aspects and wound patterns, be more honest and vulnerable in my relationships, love myself and others more unconditionally, gain greater clarity around my innate strengths, and embody them more fully.

I have a background in psychotherapy, massage therapy, energy healing, meditation, shamanic journeying and other healing arts. My greatest joy involves listening to others, reflecting their story and inner truth back to them, and empowering them to find their own answers and healing within themselves. As a Gene Keys Guide, I see myself as one who knows the terrain and can explain the map to you, but I also know that your journey through this process, the challenges you face and the treasures you will find will be unique to you. I consider it an honor any time I invited to support someone and be a sacred witness to their self-discovery process. I am also fluent in the languages of evolutionary astrology and Human Design and can make connections between either of those two systems and the Gene Keys as needed for greater understanding.

I offer Gene Keys Profile Sessions online, primarily on the weekends at this time. I’m located in the Central United States time zone. In the future, I hope to facilitate Gene Keys study groups and write blog posts on this topic.