Gene Keys Guide

Katharina Walter

GK & Human Design Guidance, Bee.Thrive-Community, Music

Salut. My name is Katharina. I am German and as a nomad soul traveling the (inner and outer) world(s). I am based in Ireland and France and have been co-creating with people based on their being-ness since 2016. Coming from Human Design I am fascinated by all layers of being-ness, including our human mechanics and energetic blueprint. As a music and poetry lover, being very connected to nature and the elements, the Gene Keys transmission not only added the most beautiful flavor to my individual journey but intensified my instinct and intuition in guiding people back to being (my Purpose sphere). My work includes guided journeys into the sequences of your Gene Keys profile and Human Design chart and presence in my latest “invention”, the Bee.Thrive, where we come to meet to share our being-ness and be of service to each other and the world in taking a closer look at our Shadows, Gifts and Siddhis.

I have been working as a teacher before I decided to leave everything behind and follow my intuitive inner voice. This led me to the Gene Keys and the conference which I organized in 2022: The Symphony of Truth. Coming to meet and holding space for a network of people who are willing to explore and express their unique authentic self to be of service for the whole, in whatever unique facet of light they are experiencing, is my greatest joy.

I do Gene Keys and Human Design Readings but my focus lies on the daily accompaniment of the Bee.Thrive community to make SYNARCHY become a lived experience since it is so much more than just a word…