Gene Keys Guide

Kathy Zodiaco

Moving Meditations, Intimacy

Body, mind, emotion, spirit, balanced we are whole

I spent quite a long time trying to fix, change and improve myself before discovering the only problem was I was running away from my own perfection (Life’s Work 18!)

Infinitely interested in culture and connection, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Purdue University
Fascinated with mental and emotional processes, I earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix

But no matter what I did, those pesky shadows and habitual conditioned patterns remained (evolution 17)

Finding the Gene Keys has felt like a miraculous gift

Discovering the deep well of resourcefulness within me, learning how to access my own wisdom, I’ve come home to my heart (Pearl 48.6)
It is a honor to guide others into their own Intimacy, for I find we are already all we seek

My life is becoming a Moving Meditation
Contempainting, Tai Chi, Qigong, Intimacy
You may notice my offers revolve around nature and creativity for I find these are what connect me deeply to my wisdom and ever-opening heart

Moving in rhythm to my own heart nestled in the fragrant soundscape of the gardens, listening inward, open to receive, I am releasing pain, trauma, and nonsense, while finding my true essence.
Maybe you’d like to join me?

I am appreciative that my journey has been influenced by the work of
Martha Beck
Byron Katie
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Neville Goddard
The Law of Attraction
The Three Principles
The Tao
and you may notice a blending of all these beautiful friends in my shares

You’re invited to join me for online and local offers; profile sessions, private and group guided sequences, Intimacy Circles (study groups), Moving Meditations

I also share brief intimate audios on podcasting platforms (called: Intimacy with the Gene Keys)

You’re invited to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and the Gene Keys forum

In to me see with the Gene Keys, what a beautiful journey