Gene Keys Guide

Katie Marie Christina Fields

Devoted to the revealing of divinity in matter

Hi loves,

I’m Katie 🌹

I’m an alchemist, medicine woman, multi dimensional artist and deep lover of humanity.

My soul is devoted to the fruition of a fully awakened, embodied humanity ✨

I’m passionate about supporting and guiding people to fully claim their magnificence by fiercely loving all of themselves back into wholeness.. including the shadows 🖤

I love combining somatic practice with contemplation to rewire at the physical and cellular level. I offer Gene Key DNA activations which are shamanic explorations into the frequencies providing portals to unlock potential.

I am launching a dark and light oracle/activation deck and essence range in Jan 2024 which act as architecture to support the soul emergence and full awakening of the Siddhic codes that lay within us. Woven into their energetic makeup through light and sound are the catalysts for our divine genome activation.

I was introduced to the Gene Keys as a teenager and I moved in and out of contemplation through my 20’s and into my early 30’s as I soaked up many different wisdom teachings. In this time I journeyed a 7 year transfiguration period that rewove the fabric of my being on all levels and brought me into intimate contact with my own and the collective shadow matrix (attractor 28 and culture 16), and illuminated a process of alchemy at a cellular level.

To get a sense of me ✨
The essence of my activation sequence is initiation and mutation.
The essence of my Venus sequence is feminine devotion
The essence of my pearl sequence is integration and the language of art

I look forward to connecting if you feel the call xx