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Katja Schwahn

Gene Key profile sessions, awareness, embodiment, pausing

I am Katja Schwahn, a lover of people and life, a passionate genekeys guide and yoga teacher, a called educator, a system-integrative coach and a shamanic, spiritual traveller on the path to my true self and highest potential.

My own life story began when my birth mother was overwhelmed by my birth and six weeks later I was given up for adoption. Despite my loving adoptive parents, my search for identity remained a long, sometimes very painful path to self-acceptance and only in recent years led to acceptance of the rejection within myself and thus to healing. I have used my own healing path for personal development, have completed coaching trainings, systemic, spiritual and shamanic, professional hypnosis techniques, yoga teacher trainings and breathing meditations- all learned with the desire to be able to help others on their path. Born, raised and a refugee from the former GDR, I want to do my part to improve humanity, to contribute to the community and to be creative in doing so. It is particularly important to me to stimulate empathic connection to myself and thus to other people.