Gene Keys Guide

Kelly Mather

Leader, Wellness Teacher, Author and Leadership Coach

Kelly Mather is a Healthcare Leader, Wellness Teacher and Author. She has been a Hospital CEO since 1996 and her ultimate mission is to Heal Healthcare. She has been following and engaging with GeneKeys since 2010 and has been using them to serve in her work and with spiritual circles for many years. Since the age of 9, she has been called to serve in leadership roles and considers herself a bridge to healing separation. She created “The 5 Keys to Wellness” and has been speaking or teaching on the healthcare stage with a focus of using the 4 Levels of Healing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in organizations, families and individually. Kelly is a mother of 3 children and 1 beagle and truly enjoys working with anyone passionate about the GeneKeys, Healing or Wellness. Most of her work is altruistic and is offered for the beautiful exchange of love and energy.