Gene Keys Guide

Kim Farber

GK Profile Sessions, Group & Private Journeys, Healing

Hi, My name is Kim and I am an eternal student of the Gene Keys! The Gene Keys found their way to me in 2020 and I have not looked back. They are a part of my daily life and I love helping others discover their own wisdom within the Gene Keys. I offer Gene Keys profile sessions where I assist you in understanding your profile and how to navigate it! There is so much wisdom to be discovered and sometimes it helps to have a little guidance to get you on the right path of moving forward! I also do private and group coaching where we navigate your pathways and reveal and release the subconscious patterns that have been created in relation to your shadows and gifts. We release them and heal them with an Egyptian Healing energy of all love- SKHM.

I love to continue to deepen my own inner wisdom through the gift of the Gene Keys transmission. There is always something new to awaken and discover. I am deeply grateful for this body of wisdom. As a passionate soul and seeker of all things mystical and magical, the Gene Keys continues to reveal more and more as I assist others and continue on my own journey. I often say, the Gene Keys are an ocean of wisdom ~ so much to discover and it takes time! The longer I swim on this mystical ocean, the more I discover.

My Life’s Work is 31.2 – Leadership and my purpose is 28.4 ~ Totality. Knowing these and learning to fully embrace them has helped me discover why I am so passionate about assisting others in discovering the truth of who they are. It also helped me understand why I love shadow work. It is deeply ingrained into my being.

With Grace and Gratitude,