Gene Keys Guide

Klara Prosova

Moving you to the path you wanted to walk but hesitated

I believe that people who thrive because they really love what they do can create beautiful things in the world and I have chosen to work with the people who actually want to live like that.

Whatever was until now, they don’t use it as an excuse for not getting on a path they’ve been wanting to walk – they use it as a springboard for the next move forward.

They don’t just talk about what they want to create – they are actively creating it.

They look at how they can, not how they can’t.

They are not afraid to stand for what is true down to every cell of their body. And if it means to expand the matrix within which they’ve been creating, they do it.

They know there is an entire world of possibility beyond their current edges of the known and they don’t hold back if that is where they are being called.

This is what they choose.

This is what they choose first and foremost for themselves.

Because that is what adds richness and colour to their lives. That is what nourishes them through and through.

These are the people you meet and can’t get enough of being around them because of their vitality, radiance, enthusiasm, creativity, passion…

And I love being here for people who want to elevate themselves to this level because I know how difficult it can be to feel that you are meant to be this person and not know how to become it because of all the past you’re standing up against.

To anchor this way of living together, my website is your doorway…