Gene Keys Guide

Kristine Beeckman

Gene Keys Sessions to prosper and expand light & love

My name is Kristine Antoinette Celine, a name I didn’t really like until a French therapist who is an expert on le langage des oiseaux (bird lingo) explained their meaning to me (kristine, christ, hence unconditional love. Antoinette – nettoyer – she who comes to clean – Celine – connected to heaven. Our name is an important part of us, it identifies us, it is our connection to our parents and ancestors. My mum introduced me to the holistic world, she practised meditation, bioenergetics by Alexander Lowen, Gestallt, she fed us according to macrobiotics. At home there were I ching books, tarot cards, books by Osho and other masters.
I did my first personal growth course at the age of 18, a course focused on recognising our shadows and embracing them. Many others followed from there, family constellations, counselling, flower therapy, tarot, kabbalah, numerology, just like a real 3/5 profile but at the time I still didn’t know either human design or Gene Keys.

The biggest “growth course” was the birth and upbringing of my daughter Charlotte.
I gave birth at home and followed the Steinerian philosophy to bring up my daughter, I studied natural nutrition and phytotherapy. for three years I was totally dedicated to her, feeding her for two years only with my milk. A unique experience. I accompanied her through the important cycles of the seven-year period. In the meantime, I graduated as a teacher of yoga, meditation and pranayama. I received my spiritual name Dyal Mantra Kaur, the princess of God who embodies divine compassion by constantly meditating on the vibration that nurtures the soul.

A responsibility I feel very much, to lead people to become aware of their bodies and the messages they carry, to be compassionate with themselves and accept the body as it is in the present moment.
In the meantime, a friend had given me some Human Design books. I was very fascinated but, like all things, I wanted to deal with it in my own way, so I started with the cross of incarnation, which is actually a point of arrival. A few years ago I supplemented it with studies of Gene Keys. Both of these wisdoms confirmed what I had discovered all these years about myself, gifts and shadows but above all that I was fulfilling my life’s task and my higher purpose. I guide people and create a space so that they can find inspiration inside themselves, rather than relying on someone else.

I do this mainly in one to one sessions where I put all my knowledge together, I teach them the art of contemplation, patience, gentleness, pausing, breathing, listening to their body.
It is such a joy and blessing to serve and do what I am incarnated for.

With love and gratitude for all my teachers and clients.