Gene Keys Guide

Krystle Mishra

GK Readings & Integration, Liberated Spiritual Guidance

Hearts are wild creatures that’s why ribs are cages.

Our genes hold sacred codes waiting to be unlocked. Accessing our creative potential requires a level of truth and vulnerability that surpasses the limitations of the logical mind. For mystics there is no predefined or foolproof path, the spiritual journey is mysterious and sacred for a reason. One must connect to the wisdom of our hearts and bodies beyond the confines of the mind. It is in this mastery and union that true transformation takes place.

I have Gene Keys 39 and 55 as my Purpose and Vocation, together they make up the Channel of Romance (as it relates to the energy connecting our root and solar plexus.) The highest gift expression of those gene keys are Liberation and Freedom, the ability to provoke liberation from shadow states of consciousness with fierce precision and freedom to pursue one’s highest creative genius with gentle grace. This is my sacred gift and calling.

In my personal journey, I have been a practicing student and now guide of the gene keys for the past 5 years. The wisdom of the gene keys gave language to my soul. Within months of studying and completing two gene keys retreats, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Gene Keys founder and creator Richard Rudd. We did a series of podcasts discussing the wisdom of the transformational Venus and Pearl sequences. During that time I got to indulge in asking Richard all about the wonderful and mystical teachings and this is where my passion completely ignited. I learned so much working with Richard and have the utmost respect for his insights.

I have been spiritually disciplined from a young age and trust in my ability to create a safe space for anyone. It is with great joy that I share my professional offering of mentorship, specializing in 1v1 gene keys readings & integration sessions and transformative group workshops. Focusing on inner work, integration, trauma healing, spiritual growth, feminine embodiment, and relationship healing. This calling holds deep reverence for me because I firmly believe that liberation from suffering and experiencing the magic of living as our divine selves is the birthright of every individual.