Gene Keys Guide

Laura Price

Gene Key Profile sessions and Activating Courses

Hello, I’m Laura Price, a professional arts performer, Licensed Massage Therapist and Gene Keys guide. I have always had a passion for collaborating with people—whether through sports, shared stage performances, team management, or working alongside like-minded individuals toward a common objective. My fulfillment comes from personal growth, and I derive great joy from assisting others on their journey of growth and self-discovery.

Over the years, I have acquired various tools and explored diverse outlets for processing emotions. Through workshops, women’s groups, dance, therapy, yoga, and massage, I’ve honed my ability to navigate life with heightened awareness and an open heart. I believe each of us possesses the ability to alchemize pain from our experiences, learn from our shadows, and mend our wounds. Additionally, I believe this process can be enjoyable with the right support and guidance!

Throughout my years of studying The Gene Keys and completing various courses, I underwent a profound transformation by embracing responsibility for my experiences—acknowledging my projections and reactions, and consciously viewing each challenge as an opportunity to evolve. My studies revealed the immense value in feeling and understanding our emotions, recognizing the wisdom they hold, and learning to appreciate the liberating power of forgiveness. I am continually exploring the significant influence of our relationship with ourselves and the narratives we construct about our lives that shape our reality.

My goal is to be a guiding light for those grappling with their purpose or current life situation. I aspire to reflect the untapped potential within you, aiding in unlocking your unique gifts and allowing life to illuminate your path forward.