Gene Keys Guide

Liv Wickedly

Creating heaven on Earth, one loving act at a time

Hi, I’m Liv, I’m here on Earth to create sovereignty and empowerment in deep devotion and alignment with the greatest and highest good of myself and the collective. I do this as a women’s empowerment and embodiment coach, a Gene Keys Guide, and co-founder of the Do Love Collective which seeks to unify people by remembering love is a verb. Throughout my career as a guide, I’ve used a lot of different tools, but Gene Keys has by far been the most powerful and transformative. I currently guide individuals and groups through the synthesis in an interactive and experimental way that’s proven to be enlightening, empowering, and really fun!

Through my prime gifts of Inquiry, Imagination, Patience, and Adventure, I bring passion and excitement to this exploration for anyone I have the honor of journeying with.