Gene Keys Guide

I became a devoted student of consciousness and spiritualty ever since I learnt Transcendental Meditation in 1980. That practice gradually unfolded the amazing dynamics between the source of creation (Brahma) and our everyday ordinary three-dimensional lives.
Following a 25-year career in Human Resource Development, my profession veered towards teaching Energy Healing Arts and offering spiritual guidance. I started Vision Wholistic in 2000 with the intention of ‘creating the ability to see wholeness’.
My main offering for the last two decades has been grounded in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and a few other meditative therapies. I have travelled to China, Japan, and India to teach various courses and from 2013 offered courses online for easy accessibility. I continue to teach.
For the longest time I thought Spiritual Response Therapy was the umbrella within which all manner of spiritual philosophies and therapies had a place. Any path of knowledge and growth would ultimately lead to the source of creation.
Then by some divine orchestration Gene Keys crossed my path in 2020. It took me a few iterations of The Golden Path to get a deep understanding of the teachings and to be grounded in this body of knowledge. This process continues.
Gene Keys bridged a very important gap I had hitherto felt in my studies and practice – the chasm between the spiritual and the physical. The fact that the map of our spiritual journey, our higher purpose, is already embedded in our body chemistry, in our genes, is a huge ‘aha’ for me. It has fundamentally reoriented how I approach my consulting work. Now I see the continuum of body-mind spirit much more clearly. It is so much more accessible.
It is fascinating that though Gene Keys offer a journey into the ‘Self’ and not therapy per se, yet the awareness that comes from a contemplative journey along the Golden Path, is in and of itself quite therapeutic.
I have line 6 in the key to Life’s Work. It’s no wonder I have always found great joy in teaching, be it individuals or groups. Now, I am even more enthused to support anyone who seeks it in their journey.
Should you be so interested, there are more details about my training and earlier work on my website
Thank you for your interest in embracing life even more.