Gene Keys Guide

Margaret Miller

GK sessions, GK Workshops, Personal Symbology, Coaching

Margaret Miller is a Shamanic Empowerment Coach, a Gene Keys Guide, an Intuitive Astrologer, a Personal Symbologist, and an Energy Worker. She is a profound facilitator with a great depth of experience in energy work, shamanism, coaching, personal symbology and Earth based ceremony.

Journeying with the Gene Keys since 2011, Margaret has incorporated this living wisdom into her coaching and personal symbology sessions as an integral part of the toolbox of self discovery, self awareness and self empowerment. She sees the Gene Keys profile, natal astrology chart, Sabian symbols and numerology as sacred maps pointing towards this self realization.

Margaret is devoted to helping people to recognize their own potential and potency as creators on this beautiful planet. She has a deep connection to the natural world and to dimensions beyond the physical. She has a gift for assisting people to access different perspectives of themselves, and higher frequencies of awareness.

Margaret is available for online GK profile sessions, personal symbology readings and in person and online Activation Sequence workshops.

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