Gene Keys Guide

Margit Gross

GK profile/group sessions, Dream Arc, Contemplation

Hi everyone! I am Maggie.

I live in Cologne, Germany and love versatility and variety. So I decided to work in different professions simultaneously to spice things up.

Flight attendant (1997), Yoga teacher (2010), NLP Coach (2018-2020) and Gene Keys (2021)…

For me it’s about discovering outer and inner realms, transformation, alchemy, embodiment and resolving issues with patience, compassion and gentleness. (Patience is a hard one ;-). Work in progress.

I have always been interested in self-development and evolution. After immersing myself in the subject of NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming), I discovered the Gene Keys. (or they discovered me…;-)

The Gene Keys transmission resonated with me so much that I wanted to know all about it. Since the beginning of 2021 I have been studying and embodying the teachings and it has made my life so much richer! To get to know myself on a deep level created more compassion and patience with myself and others. My entire world view changed for the better.

Finding different perspectives and techniques that support one’s individual journey is fascinating to me. Creating something new out of the already existing, the perfect fit for each individual, a combination of all the good stuff…

I believe in self-efficacy and empowerment through facing fears and traumas instead of running away or numbing them.

To nudge and support you while you are walking your path of self enlightenment at your own pace; holding space so that new things can arise and take flight; to raise the frequency of our world by raising our own frequency…one step at a time.

The possibility of what might emerge…ah! Good things are coming. I know it.