Gene Keys Guide

Maria Hoffman

Intuitive Gentleness, Archetype shadow-work with NVC

With influences of “A Course In Miracles”, “A Course In Love” and “Nonviolent Communication” my passion for Shadow-work and bringing Light to Darkness shines through all my work as a Gene Keys Guide and just a fellow Human being.
Supporting the movement of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Love as we Allow, Accept and Embrace those difficult parts of Life.

Working with my own inner Archetypes, taming the power of the Great, allows me to stay in Love when also facing them in you. Being that tuning fork in presence of the light of Awareness creates a space where you can dare to go to those dark places in you, liberating the looked up inner shadow-children so they can grow up in your loving awareness and compassion, becoming the Gifts to the world they are intended to be.

When we witness something with compassion and awareness it becomes Beauty.

As I was born into a family with a lot of darkness, mental illnesses, and addictions I was raised into codependency and that was also my way into my own personal and spiritual journey, something I’m deeply grateful for today.
Because the teachings I was drawn to, all had this kind of practical grounding aspect of embodiment to them since I was so vigilant towards not floating off into using spirituality as an addiction. It needed to put me in a deeper connection to my essence for me to be interested. Decoding, deprogramming, embracing trauma, rejected feelings and lost parts of myself. Liberating and freeing myself more and more by embracing everything.

Shadow work is my main theme. As an intuitive, also holding the 57th key in SQ and attraction I’ve gone deeply into the unease of darkness and fear. I’ve become close friends with Grief, today knowing her gifts and how she releases Love and Beauty.

Working with me you will experience my deep Love for Life and those rejected parts in us. I use intuition and gentleness to point us where to go, in a teamwork together and you can feel the safety to share intimately and authentically in the space of someone who knows life isn’t always easy, and that we all make the decisions we are capable of as our awareness just is as it is in any given moment. In this we are all innocent.
Our work lies in becoming aware of our shadows and to open our hearts to the pain, to bring Love to the places that don’t know they are Love yet. And to dare to go there, to be deeply vulnerable we need to feel safe and welcomed whatever comes up.

I practice Presence and Compassionate Awareness in all my work, Archetypal acupuncture, and Embracement in Love.
Some of my areas of studies and passions are:
Gene Keys
Nonviolent Communication
A Course In Miracles – A Course In Love
Co-dependence and addiction
Grief facilitating
Trauma work
Voice Dialogue , Jungian psychology
The Work – Byron Katie

I offer individual and group sessions on Zoom and live in Gothenburg area in Sweden.
I also host open calls for the Swedish community, being active as a community-builder knowing how important it is for us to come together in these times.
My specialty is my ability to create that safe space, coming from living this crazy and amazing Life I’ve learnt to embrace.

Welcome to reach out heart to heart to
With Love –
Maria Hoffman,