Gene Keys Guide & Ambassador

Maureen Momo Freehill

Catalyst of Embodied Self Illumination + Arts in Nature

USA – Boulder, Colorado / Seattle, Washington / Costa Rica
Internationally recognized dance professional and catalyst for full-bodied communion with True Nature of Self.

I love supporting your natural embodiment of dreams and passions through courageous self-expression, whether artistic, spiritual, or physically practical. I explore fields of profound intimacy with my clients. Every client is a blessing, and every time we meet for a session, I am in awe of the magic that unfolds naturally. I love my work and sharing the living discovery, invention, and illumination that transforms this embodied life.

I’ve gathered many tools over 40 years as a professional dancer, theater actor/director, outdoor educator and nature guide, butoh and yoga instructor, somatic movement therapist, and devotee of sacred transmissions including Gene Keys and Daoism.

I now guide fellow masterful creators playing in these fields.

Whatever will open the doors to you fully inhabiting and enjoying your embodied life as a spiritual being here on Earth, I feel perfectly suited and happy to serve that…

~~Incarnated to experience full communion between body and spirit in an ecstatic dance of human life and love. I met Gene Keys in Seattle in 2013, and have been engaging the daily Art of Contemplation ever since.

~~Founded first GK Facebook group Feb 2014 and has served as staff of Gene Keys Society, Team64 as well as hosting our weekly Open Call since its inception in 2016.

~~With a trinity of 7th Gene Keys in my profile, she has natural passion for Transmitting the gift of Guidance.

~~Devoted to fostering an integrated embodiment of all facets of Gene Keys in daily life.

~~ Host weekly ARC of Creation sessions for embodied contemplation of weekly Gene Key Pulse and Dream Arc Codex transits with music playlist and gentle verbal guidance. Available live collective sessions online or all 64 DanceWaves are recorded for rePlay anytime.

~~Transmits a trans-verbal way of creativity; that she calls “Gene Keys Movement.”
This work connects Gene Keys and Moving Nature Arts. See Vimeo +YouTube links.

~~ Program manager, facilitator and board member with , a non-profit based in Colorado Rocky Mountains. Our mission is connecting people to Nature, inside and out, through moving arts.

Services Offered:
Private Gene Keys Embodiment and Navigation Sessions:
Individuals, families and groups with Hologenetic Profile, I Ching and Human Design
Online and in-person. Book through DailyDance.Us website.

Live group retreats, journeys and workshops worldwide — mostly in Boulder, CO, Austin, TX, Asheville NC and Costa Rica.
Specializes in embodied artistic contemplation of Gene Keys transmitted through dance, voice, film, visual art, music, poetry and sensual/somatic Dream Arc inspired encounters with natural outdoor landscapes.