Gene Keys Guide

Maya Oppenländer

Alchemy of Communication: couples, families = unfolding

From early on in my life I was fascinated by relating. It seemed to be the invisible connective tissue of it all.
What I found is:
we mostly don’t grow up to know ourselves. So we can’t CARE for ourselves.
And more often than not find ourselves in a disregulated state.

This is the root cause of most relational challenges.

In my work with couples and families I offer building blocks for transformational relating:
Life in its kindness keeps inviting us into the totality of who we are.
my problems with a partner are pointers to where I live less than my potential
the challenges with my children are opportunities to reconnect to my younger self and grow and heal together with my child
what can feel like obstacles on my path is a gift in disguise

Especially in relationships we might be empowered by what I call “relational aikido”.
The same goes for “the power of one”, that Richard explains in the Venus Sequence: we can step out of being a victim and depend on another to come along.

Our intimate partners as well as our children are nature’s taylormade invitations to come into the deeper totality of who we are and the Gene Keys offer direct access to root issues.

As a mother of four naturally birthed children, now teenagers and young adults, I welcome you on a shared journey.
Be it through the Golden Path sequences, the Art of Contemplation or the Alchemy of Communication, my 5 to 7 months support for transformational relating, in YOUR relationship.
If you feel that you sometimes need a “translator” to connect again to how life is FOR you – I’m honoured to walk with you.

For a good 20 years the wisdom mirror of the enneagram supported my self-inquiry. Trained as a Clinical hypnotherapist and having worked in an Active School, I hold a vision for relating: we can grow through every relationship, be intimately connected to ourself and another and live our life as a unique unfolding from within.

Welcome 🤗