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Meagan Maris

Gene Key Profile Sessions and Group Journeys

I’m Meagan Maris. I teach feminine energy with the magic of the Mermaids of Sirius. I’m also a Gene Keys Guide and student of the Gene Keys.

I love supporting others by pointing them back to their own inner wisdom. My work is dedicated to helping people activate their creative genius and discover how to listen and follow the voice of their heart.

As the Oracle for The Mermaids of Sirius and the visionary artist and creator of the Mermaid Empowerment Oracle Deck, I teach Mermaid Consciousness — a path to Ascension paved in beauty, bliss and sovereign sensuality.

I became a student of the Gene Keys in 2018 and was immediately captivated by its wisdom teachings. I felt like it put into words the very essence of my soul. The Gene Keys teaches that every shadow contains a gift and for the first time in my life, I began to understand and identify my shadows without judgement. I felt like I finally had a road map for how to cultivate the gifts within me that were asking to be expressed.

I went on to study esoteric teachings such as Astrology and Tarot, worked with sacred texts like The Sophia Code and A Course in Miracles and explored the realm of Galactic consciousness. I also immersed myself in research of the 7 feminine archetypes, all while still keeping the Gene Keys close to my heart.

In February of 2023, I experienced a dark night of the soul moment that left me seeking for deeper spiritual support. I asked my Higher Self for guidance and I was led to the Seven Sacred Seals course by Richard Rudd. It was like a missing puzzle piece and through my contemplation, I received a vision for how this curriculum would help to serve as a foundational framework for my forthcoming book and master class series, Mermaid Mystery School.

From there, I dived into prayerful study of the Activation Sequence, the Venus Sequence and the Peal Sequence, one after the other. I couldn’t get enough of the richness of knowledge and I started to practice the art of contemplation on a daily basis. I began to have major epiphanies about things that had been holding me back. I could see the pearls of wisdom from the experiences I was having in my daily life. I started to live more with an open heart no matter how vulnerable or uncertain it felt.

Then in September of 2023 I completed the Gene Keys Guides Program. I honored and accepted that my life’s work was dedicated to walking the path of leadership by transforming arrogance into humility. It’s definitely been a wild ride with many humbling moments, but it’s also been a beautiful journey of experiencing the totality of life with appreciation for all its blessings. I continue to contemplate on my personal Gene Keys and I see them come alive in my everyday experiences.

I am thrilled to offer my knowledge of the Gene Keys in a supportive container for you to experience the joyful epiphanies of your own awakening journey. Join me in a space where you can find yourself.